Sea and Hill

by gumilangra

“I have thought it through and decided. I want to be the sea.”

“Why? I thought you like hills more. Or you just want to preserve your self-loathing by not being who you actually want to be, because it turned out that you enjoy your own self-loathing, no?”

He burst into laughter.

“No. It’s more about how I want you. So badly!”

“I’ll keep on trying to hug you. And I’ll do it by sending my waves every day and every night. And when the moon’s shining upon my face, I’ll try harder because I know you would see me from up there.”

“And as the days are getting warmer, I’ll be closer to you. I’ll drown coastal cities, force more than a billion people to evacuate, and cause huge economic losses just because I can.”

“Well, that’s creepy.”

“And I love it.”