Random Thought About Death

by gumilangra

The idea of death might be the most, paradoxical idea regarding one’s life. We all know and understand that it would certainly come to end what’s so called life itself, but we could never actually know when it would come, or how it’s going to be. We also don’t know what every single us would feel or experience subjectively when the time comes. Simply because the dead doesn’t tell stories about what’s beyond the ending line of life.


Later, the uncertainty became significant source of anxiety. To cope with that, we assume that there’ll be another form of life ahead–afterlife–and develop the idea that we have the chance to prepare ourselves to face it. That it’s actually up to us, whether we want to work for a good afterlife, which usually called Heaven or a bad one called Hell.
Such idea eventually made me realize how selfish humans are. That–based on my experience–we mostly still think about ourselves even when we think about what’s-next-after-we-die. We rarely think about what should we leave for those who still continue to live. Even though they’re the ones who clearly (or empirically) will still experience the life: the happiness, the pain, the gratefulness, the sadness, the hardship, the struggle. Although I don’t think it’s purely people’s fault to think so, because mostly think that way because of the “you are on your own after you die” doctrine.


Then the question is, do you only live for yourself and to cope with your anxiety only, or you want to be the reasons that someone else in our world would experience a better life even after you die?