Another Little (and Sentimental) Thing

by gumilangra

I was looking at pictures stored in my camera when I found this picture–the picture I thought to be lost long time ago, when I accidentally deleted all the files stored in my hard disk. It was one of my favorite among all the pictures I have taken until now.

It really brings back memories every time I’m looking at it.

I took it about two years ago. I was sitting in my house’s rooftop back then, waiting for the sunset with a camera in my hand. Then suddenly, that weird ray started to appear slowly and took a form like a way of light in the sky. I have seen a lot of sky phenomenon like that in my house’s rooftop, like full moon, lunar eclipse, or sun’s halo. I really love to observe such phenomenon. That’s why my house’s rooftop became one of my favorite place to spend my time in my house. I used to spend lot of my time there just to breathe the fresh air of the dawn; to watch the rising sun; to feel the afternoon wind blowing against my face; to look at the calming wide area of rice field; to watch the dark grey cloud that moving fast before the hard rain comes; to watch the setting sun and the sky that’s turning dark; or to lay down and looking at the clear night sky. Those things are so… simple yet so beautiful to me. And in this hectic days of college life and under this polluted sky of this city, those things seem so… priceless.

Oh, by the way, the sky phenomenon in the picture is called Anticrespuscular Ray.